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The kitchen is the place where we spend most of our time at home, where imagination and freedom have free rein.
provides the perfect ingredient for kitchen design and remodeling, creating countertops, island tables, backsplashes, sinks and more.
With its innovative extra-large format, seamless design and elegant details, it allows you to cook and enjoy meals with friends and family, with the certainty that the technical characteristics of these slabs guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and comfort.


When it comes to designing an exceptional bathroom, the inspiration is endless.
Choose your style with tops, sinks, floors, coverings or shower trays and walls, whether you are thinking of a modern bathroom, a luxurious spa or simply an essential design but equipped with all comforts.
With almost zero porosity, simple and intuitive maintenance and a rich repertoire of colors and finishes, the ideal option for bathroom renovations, thanks to high-performance materials with fully customizable projects.

 large slabs dedicated to the design and furniture sector

It specializes in the production of large slabs, ideal for tables, furniture and ceramic furnishing accessories and capable of guaranteeing unparalleled performance, offering an extraordinary mix of style and functionality.
Marble effect stoneware tables;
Custom-made tables with a modern design;
Round, oval or rectangular tables;
Tables for living room, kitchen or dining room;
Outdoor tables;
Meeting room tables.
Discover the charm of large marble, stone, resin or concrete effect slabs.


More personal and welcoming projects with compact sintered surfaces. Designs that combine aesthetics and functionality are reflected in living spaces

Structure Bank



A metropolitan evolution of style: the rediscovery of the elementary materials that make up the urban fabric.