The main objective when designing a home which will be inhabited by children is creating a space for dialoguesharing and complicity to favour relational and self-learning experiences, in an environment which is as safe and well-balanced as possible. By implementing a few but highly essential changes, it is possible to create a serene atmosphere, attentive to the needs of all inhabitants.

  1. Creating interiors suited to requirements

First of all, start by considering the home environment as dynamic as opposed to static. Toddlers’ needs change as they grow. As they acquire new skills, they start to move autonomously and seek vaster surfaces: now is the time to organise their room and make a few changes to common areas.

  1. Healthy, safe and protected environments

When selecting flooring options for home interiors, it is best to consider all the characteristics, not just aesthetic ones. Ceramic tiles with Built-in anti-bacterial protection ensure longer-lasting and enhanced cleanliness and are perfect for surfaces which protect against bacterial growth. The ideal solution for a new lifestyle, where diving onto the floor, rolling around and changing perspective is always possible. Fitted with an innovative shield which eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from surfaces, this flooring guarantees maximum protection.



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